i have to think out loud

Thinking out loud in my framework has very little to do with volume and far more to do with how I learn and internalize – own my understanding of things in life.

For whatever reason, due to my upbringing or just how I tick, I better wrap my mind around concepts when I’m able to talk them out, audibly – not to anyone particularly – just out loud.

There’s something to be said for hearing yourself verbalize your thoughts – and in so doing, almost providing a low-level authentication to what you think.  I know that growing up, – esp. in math classes we were encouraged to ‘figure out problems in hour head” – that was always tough for me.  I had to use the paper and pencil to do the problems.  Having something tangible – helped me own how I thought about solving those problems.  The same thing is true for me today – but with just about everything in life.

Here, I have a chance to organize my thoughts, processes them, figure out how to document them and possibly how best to express them through language.

I’m thinking back now to some characters who have been known to think out loud – Calvin, from the popular comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, and Tim Allen from the Home Improvement series of the 1990’s: something about how they thought out loud gave us a window into the true nature and personality of those characters.  While both of them are fictional – large numbers of people fell in love with and looked forward to hearing their thinking. Sometimes we’d laugh at their thinking, either because we understood the punchline, or more astutely, because our laughter harmonized their experience(s) with our own.


Laughter is funny that way – pun not necessarily intended.  We audibly produce a sound, that while not contextualized of words or letters, does indicate a response to an experience.  Good – healthy laughter sort of reminds me of the “Amen” used in some churches – it’s a way we validate and identify with something, possibly even identifying with it ourselves.