Above all the other things I most dislike about teaching is the grading part.  Now don’t confuse what I mean by grading and assessment.  I hate grading.  It’s just so mundane and depending upon what you’re grading there can be so many different gray areas – things you (as the teacher) didn’t account for in your scale or rubric. 

I will say that having my own students create portfolios is a great way for me to assess them, however the grading of that material is painstaking, and I’m finding that the layout I’ve given them doesn’t do me any favors on the reviewing and reading end of things.

As sad as it sounds, I almost feel like a sort of form or template is needed for this sort of thing, that gives a framework around which students can build out their content – as it lines up with the goals and objectives of the course – within the confines of the portfolio assignment itself – so that the content, and their composition of it ‘shows off’ well and is easier for me to digest.  I’ll need to look into this.


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