Romans 8:15-

What’s next for me in this life? For me? For my family? For those I work with? For my community?

What follows the ellipse? What follows the dots?

Maybe the way we’ve been measuring the success of the church has been based on the wrong scales of measure.

John 9: measure of success – man born blind

…that the work of God might be displayed in his life…

Why would Jesus use mud and spit?
See the mishnah teachings… It was forbidden to make mud on the sabbath.

I once was born blind but now I see. It seemed that the measures of success came from an oral tradition rather than the need to keep the sabbath holy.

All he knew was that he was blind, but after Jesus he could see.

So how should the church “measure” success:

Changed lives
helping people find their way back to God

The disciples and the Pharisees both focused on something other than the person, other than people. We often find ourselves doing the same thing. Changed stories can be a measure of the churches success.

Did the blind mans story change? Did Lazarus story change? Did Peters story change? Yes. Yes! Yes!!

But that’s just 3 people…, but then again there were only 12 disciples… Did the story of their lives change? Absolutely: I’m writing this now via an iPhone, in a place altogether different from the place Jesus healed the blind man.

So then how is my story changing, is my changing story helping to change other’s stories?


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