I’m trying to think about the best way to organize the content in my course for and I really like how a prof. with the last name of Smith came up with the means of avoiding the modules tool.  I’ve never really liked the modules tool, the setup and all the functionality (are nice) but somewhat not quite what I’d envisioned in getting my course content sequenced properly – in order to avoid students clicking around all over the place.

This faculty member from Ohio Valley seemingly published all his content to the single page of one of the tools (not sure which one), and then pulls the content in from some originating tool (not sure which one yet).

The course in question EDUC 620 – Curriculum Design and Development

Ok, so something I was just clued into is something called “Lesson Builder” included in the new version of Sakai 2.8’s release.  This looks really cool, and I think this is what I’m actually looking for – it’s perfect.  From what I understand it’s intended to be the replacement tool of Modules – esp. since no one was developing the Modules tool anyways. This really is cool.  I’ve not played with it yet, but it looks very promising:

Sakai 2.8 Lesson Builder

I’ll definitely have to go forward with getting my course fleshed out into this new tool.  It will help to simplify things and organize all my content into a course for each week.  I can definitely see huge advantages to using it – esp. for online courses.  On the other hand, it makes huge waves for faculty members who have already built out tens of courses using the (no-longer-developed) Modules tool.


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