Remember the dot, dot, dot?
Recall John 9-
See Micah 1:8

Where Jesus and justice kiss?
Hessed and Mishpat
Motive and action for justice

Charity is not Justice
In our City, what are we doing to bring Justice to those who need help and hope? We are called to love the poor, to spend time with the poor- as Jesus did. Restoration of Shalom is not bound up in a disenfranchised gift, but on that embodies Jesus touching and engaging authentically with the poor. This is not to be misunderstood- it’s not about helping the poor attain the same level of prosperity, as if those who are not poor have everything to give… But rather that both the poor and rich are both poor and rich in different ways. It is part of the restoration of shalom for which the poor need the rich and for which the rich NEED the poor.

So do we stop charity? No, but we ought to go beyond it. To stop at charity is like a grandmother making a wonderful meal for her family only to serve it and remain in the kitchen not partaking in it with the family.

The work of shalom takes work, and we are to be involved in it. Part of the work we allow God to do through us, is also work the work that we need done in ourselves.


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