The boy Jesus at 12 or 13:

Took 3 days to find Jesus! He grew in wisdom and began his ministry… It was common to answer questions with questions. Perhaps his memory of Creation hinted in his questions in this time of his life. Didn’t you know I had to be at my Father’s house?

Luke likes to put Jesus in the center stage… Here in chapter 3, luke parades these authorities-powers before the reader. Why?

Think back a chapter… These figures we see in light of Mary’s song … A deliverer is on the way… And then we meet John the baptizer:

Look at similarities from Genesis: hovering, over water, 400 years, waking through the water at the Exodus- unscathed, but requiring the people to pass through.

Is Jesus centerstage in my life? Is my purpose to point people to Jesus? Even John- as great as he was, is still removed from the stage : to bring Jesus to the center stage.

As the spirit hovered as a dove, the spirit had hovered in the Beginning…. And now this is a new beginning…. Not of the creation of a world, but the initiation of an order of spiritual change.

Every son and daughter wants to hear that they are dear to their parents and that their parents are glad because of them. Were these words that Jesus would need to persevere through the next years? Were the words for our sake, or for Jesus? Perhaps both?

I wonder about Jesus and John, when they were just boys.. Did John ever look at Jesus, and he at John knowing that Jesus would one day lay his life down for all humanity… Including John. Did it ever seen odd to John that Jesus ‘never got in trouble’?


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