Luke 4 Intro: marshmallow with kids video Echoes: Genesis 3:1-5 Exodus 4:22 Duet 8:33 Exodus 32:4 Exodus 17:7 Jesus is Gods first born son. He would do what Israel could not do. How does Jesus defeat the arch enemy of Genesis 3. True sonship is established in the wilderness. That is good news for those of us who are in the wilderness, because it is the best place where we can find and continually make our dependence on God. See first temptation of Jesus: make this stone bread because you are hungry…. This is a test to renounce trust in God… Remember that Israel said that there was no food …”if we’d only died in Egypt”. All kingdoms given to Jesus. Israel and the calf… Satan says to bow down, Jesus succeeded where Israel did not. Satan misquoted Psalm 91: Jesus quotes Deut 6. Notice… Testing came after baptism. Why have Jesus prove his sonship this way… Why not In some other spectacular way? CRADDOCK: Social change Political change Religious change These are all good things but not the best. Satan looks to establish a kingdom WITHOUT a cross. He delt with evil through the cross, not power, authority or something else… But through sacrifice. How do we deal with the reality of evil in our lives…. Carlie Daniel…. SNL…. … Horns and wings… Cs Lewis says people polarize to different beliefs or disbeliefs about the devil. Either accomplishes Satan’s objectives. Is it ok to go into eternity w/o God by believing the the lies of Satan- not about God’s existence, but about Satan’s? And yet we struggle to believe the words of Him who postures his heart toward and for our good- Him who truly loves us. Who are we prone to listen to? Is the ‘ok’ life good enough or is it just good enough? God doesn’t want a ‘good enough life’ for me … He wants the BEST life here, now and forever. Every day we have the opportunity to choose. What will I choose?


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