Did Jesus come for more than just eternity? That is to say that, did he come for more than just life after death? Isn’t it fair to say that as simple as the gospel is, that understanding our relationship with God and the working out of our salvation is larger than we can fully grasp – further: that we are never able to “arrive” but that we ought to ‘always be on the way’.

So today we look at the reason for miracles in the gospel of luke:

Ben Franklin struggled with the miracles of Jesus. We do to… They’re something we seek to explain away, but why? Why do we not allow ourselves to believe in them. More so: what are the real purposes of the miracles?

Luke 4:31-32

The authority of someone who teaches comes from who the quoted. Rather the authority Jesus came from how he taught, the words He used-were not his own-and yet they were (John 1:1).

Scripture talks plainly about the spiritual, unseen world, weather good or evil. Here Jesus says “Be muzzled”.

Jesus spoke and the demon left. Notice the power and authority of Jesus words. He did not quote someone else.

For us… Who are we likely to believe? Someone who has experience and knows the truth because of their engagement with the situation? Or, someone who merely read about the experience, and shares with us? Who would I rather talk to about being healed of a sickness- someone who merely heard about the illness or someone who had the illness and was healed?

Why heal with touch? Countless studies show the reality of touch in the healing process no matter how big or small the hurt. Why in some cases did Jesus speak as opposed to touch and speak? I think it has to do with how Jesus sight to heal… He did so to redeem and heal fully. Is there less power when Jesus heals by touch compared to when he speaks? I don’t think so.

If I was someone whom no one touched, what would it mean for someone to give me a hug or touch my shoulder? How do we encourage people today? We give a high five we pat them in the shoulder, we embrace. Why would we think Jesus would do any less?

Take the paralyzed man with the four friends? Did the friends bring him without his permission? Was the lame man beside himself by being brought into this huge audience, most of whom ignored the lame man every day? His friends loved him and truly beloved that Jesus could do something for him. Would we think twice about cutting a hole in the roof of someones house?

The miracles Jesus did illustrate His authority over demons, sickness, health and even sin. So then what are the miracles for?!! Perhaps there is no single solitary purpose, perhaps there are many reasons? Could one of them be to demonstrate his authority over the things we most fear?

You make beautiful things. Google miracles of Jesus and NT Wright.


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