“Unorthodox and inappropriate”

Luke 5: Jesus often tells his followers not to be afraid… Why? This catching of fish isn’t about that… The catching of fish, rather the catching of people.

We need not be afraid .. See notes from last week.

Jesus responds to events in a way we not only don’t expect, but in a way that is unorthodox and seemingly inappropriate way.

What are Jesus actions supposed to teach us? Is there only one lesson or multiple lessons?

How did Jesus respond to the lame man? How did he respond to the lack of fish? How did he respond to Matthews party in Jesus honor?

In Jesus culture sitting at the table is indicative of full acceptance…. It’s the sick who need healing – not those who are well.

Later… Jesus responds to the Pharisees question with almost an odd answer. Could it be that Jesus is saying… “Why would people fast and pray to come close to God, if in fact, God himself in the person of Jesus, was God in the flesh?” Surely that must be the reason that Jesus responds to the Pharisees the way he did.

No one goes to a wedding and fasts and prays… They celebrate… …as the disciples do.

Something that continues to strike me in Luke are the consistent ironies that Jesus floods to the forefront of the chronology.. … The irony draws me closer, intrigues me, and makes me all the more fascinated with Jesus.

Why shouldn’t we expect Jesus to take and use the broken to accomplish his aims, goals and ends…. And that in doing so he mends and restores the broken he used to accomplish said goals? Isn’t that part of the definition of making something out of nothing?

Do we not often, perhaps repeatedly feel as though we are nothing, are of worth less than the lowest of people?

Is there not the construct that bigger, grander things, are made of smaller, seemingly insignificant things?

Shouldn’t we allow for God to make even grander things than he did when he created the Heavens and the Earth, out of our lives, in the crucible of our ups and downs?


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