The Story of Liberia

What does God do with evil?

Week 10 in Luke
Love those who hate you.
Does not God love those who hate Him?

Surely then God can command us to do what He Himself does?

God is full of love, justice and mercy: perfectly. How though do you reconcile these characteristics in a single person simultaneously? God does so in the person and work of Jesus. Witness the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

God loves us, his people.
God provides justice for us.
God provides mercy for his people.

Jesus provided through the sacrifice of his life a demonstration of justice, mercy and love all at the same time and by doing so redeems people: we the ones who most cry for justice, need mercy and were made to receive, share and reflect love.

Jesus said to love our enemies, and he did so himself.

What torrent, storm or fire am I not preparing my life for, that will come at some point. What foundation am I building?

Forgiveness is always we want for ourselves, but something we don’t really want to give anyone else. Forgiveness isn’t merely tolerance. Forgiveness is not passive, it’s active it’s for both sinner and the wronged to be released to be freed to be at peace in each other’s presence.


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