Luke 8:

Can be… An explanation of how the Kingdom of God is arriving and perhaps What the disciples should expect when Jesus sends them out in chapter 9.

See Luke 4… The word is rejected.
See Luke 7… The seed lands in the thorns

And other examples of poor soil.
And there are examples of good soil, previous to this chapter and parable.

Messy woman, centurion, the tax collector.

Putting new frames around old, or ‘well known’ pictures… Does not change the picture, but it does help us gain a perspective we didn’t have before.

On parables, for Craddock: parables don’t tell us what to do and think; rather they give us insight to how we live out our faith. There is freedom in the faith that Jesus begins in us…not a list of how to a d how not to live…. Parables invite our hearts to take responsibility and partake in and tell the story behind our picture, we’re in the frame we find ourselves.

The truth of Jesus changes us, has the power to changes us, but how do we respond?

Bear in mind that NOT responding is still responding.

What if we knew the story behind pictures behind our lives? What picture are we showing?

The parable of the sower is not one couched in a single season, as it were. Every day we have the opportunity to grow and to yield more seed. We have the chance to again respond with soil that grows the word of God. Farmers do not sow seed for a single season, they do so every season.


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