Story of the bleeding woman and Jarius daughter. Observations:

Why heal in a crowd for such an embarrassing, unclean state?
Why tell the six not to tell anyone?

For the woman: she was restored to community, not merely healed physically.

For the daughter: perhaps Jesus didn’t want his coming to be only about the miracles.

Jesus came to restore shalom: for our bodies, for families, for our spirits.

Jesus stopped. Yet his stopping did not confine or restrict his ability or desire to respond, and restore shalom. He was not bound by time, by our diminutive belief, or that we haven’t completely ‘arrived’. He takes whatever access and timing we yield to him in this lifetime to help us be changed ever more into how we were intended to be.

It is possible to be saved and be miserable.

We’re not just intended to get ‘a pass’ before we die. We’re intended to be part of the restoration we ourselves have received, we’re intended to participate in the work of restoration. The participation as such further helps continue to restore us as well.


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