“So today”: Luke 9:1-25

Peah – perfect provision: I always wondered what the leftovers were for… It makes sense to me now:

Jesus sends out the 12
He tells them to take nothing
The disciples return …. Still having nothing
The disciples are hungry
So are the people
The disciples ask to have the people sent away
Jesus says no
Jesus asks the disciples to feed the crowd
Jesus blesses the little available
All the people eat
And Jesus provides the perfect amount for the disciples to even eat

Here then, what lesson was Jesus trying to teach them?

Jesus asks the driving question… A question Jesus did not need to hear the answer of. Jesus asks the question for the disciples benefit… It was nothing Jesus need to know.

The answer helps define who we are…. Not for Jesus sake, but for our own.

Jesus asks about others… Vs 18
Then Jesus asks them directly… Vs 20

Do we not answer the question of who Jesus is to us differently, depending on where we are in our lives? At different eras of our lives.

Jesus “becomes” to us:

Savior from hell
Lord over all idols
Saves me to heaven after physical death
‘batman’ scooter Jesus
Jabbok Jesus

How do we retain focus daily that Jesus is simultaneously:


Vs 23 seems to indicate that this is a constant question, not a one time thing. Not a question asked once, but a process by which I continue to define myself by the question.

We are not defined by a moment, but we are to take the moments we are given to further refine how we are defined. Commitment is about a continuance of choice. I will continue… …this side of eternity to be questioned.

How will I answer?
I must answer.
How I live answers… daily.
The consistent question is “How?”.

I don’t want to have a ‘practiced’ answer, but I do want to let Him help me perfect my daily answer.


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