Luke 16

Entering onto story helps us ask probing questions of ourselves.

How do we take care of the possessions we’ve been entrusted with? Resources are not a possession, but rather a trust.

We get confused as to who owns what. We are not owners, but rather managers who have been given a trust…. And that a trust from God.

Are we taking care of the things he’s entrusted to us. It’s easier to share someone else’s resources than our own … Since we don’t own anything anyways… It is all Gods.

What has he given us that we should respond in a way that doesn’t ‘make’ us owners, but sons? Answer:everything.

We trust that the Spirit of God can only do what only the Spirit of God can do, and we do not violate the beauty of what only that Spirit can do.

Everyone has a next step in understanding how to manage. It maybe to give initially, perhaps to be more disciplined, others may be to reach a whole new level of generosity.

The church doesn’t need my money, the church needs people who’s natural reflex is to give and to be good managers…. Of all that God has entrusted to us:

Of talent
Of skill
Of relationship
Of our resources
Of Shalom


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