Luke 18:1… An objective statement….

A long obedience in the same direction…

God is not an unjust judge… How much more than… Will God grant justice, will God answer… Compared to man?

The parable is not meant to frame God as one who doesn’t listen, even the unjust judge listens. We’re not called to a life saved for ease and leisure, but rather a life saved to be changed and ever shaped further into the image of Christ… Toward shalom.

God is not safe, but he is good.

It’s too easy to attune life to a ‘faith’ that remains untested. How do we know what we know? We quiz ourselves… We are tested. God desires for us to own our relationship with Him. Where do we go when we need help? To who do we turn? (In good times and bad… Regardless of circumstance?)

Contrast the rich young ruler with Zacchaeus.

The ruler asked.
The collector volunteered.

We need to abandon dignity and our ‘position’ and embrace Tim Allen type curiosity… The kind that is honest and flanked by wonder.

Test of the use of the minas…

They put the kings money to work… Because we wholly believe this man to be our lord, to be ruler over us.

Common people… Like the widow, like the rich young ruler, like Zacchaeus, like the faithful savants….

As long as you’re moving in the direction of shalom it doesn’t matter how expansive the steps are.

We all want to ‘get there’, but it’s the journey that is common to all of us, and it’s what we’re asked to commit to and continue on in.


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