What follows Luke: Acts

Trying to learn to draw close to Jesus again…regaining the passion that we recall when we first truly embraced a relationship with God.

Failure is part of the process of growing in relationship. Far too often we expect to arrive in a relationship as if it’s something we possess, rather than what it is, something to be grown, regardless of the age.

Change by way of involvement: not merely by watching how things change.

Perhaps we truly can’t hear what God is telling us, until we do that which God would have us do (Exodus 24).

We are asked to be obedient prior to understanding why we’re asked to do anything. Isn’t this akin to trust? Hebraic thinking: right acting leads to right thinking, as opposed to Hellenistic thinking: right thinking leading to right acting.

I can no more think myself into a good three point shot than I can think myself into a right way of living. Rather it takes practice: and part of practice is failure, and part of process of growing relationship(s) and helping get to the shape of a community that God wants, includes failure.

See clip about Allen hirshe

Students want to know what the teachers know.
Disciples want to be like the teacher which is something more than being merely a student.

How good am I at being student?
How bad an I at being a disciple?

Walking into the light as an eager disciple means exposure to the failures, the ways we fall short. Walking into the light then means there will be things that we need to change, things we notice about ourselves that are not like Jesus.

Can we find beauty in the ashes?
Can we find the pursuit of God ever after us even through our failures?


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