I agree with you Martin. I want to see students and faculty grow.  One of my hobbies, the things I love to do is to plant things…, and while my wife feels I just kill the things, I really enjoy helping things grow. Flowers – or plants to some degree are easy. At the core of my excitement are these three parts…

Being part of taking something:

from where it was
to where it is
to where it could be

I believe the same thing is true in my support role of faculty and students, is that the end, not at all, it is rather a beginning – that I embark on and take with the institution I work with, to help them meet and/or exceed their own goals and objectives, – regardless of the technology implemented or the problem posed (with the hope of a technology solution).

I believe that’s a little of why I do what I do, where I do it and why I do so for those I do it for. 🙂

A reply to why…


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