Talking about movements…

How do they take place?
How are they instigated?
What causes movements to begin?

As we begin Acts:

Sasquatch festival and how to start a movement in 3 minutes. TED Talk

The observations he makes about the leader and the followers makes end roads toward starting a movement.

Acts describes what God began as the “way”.

Acts follows Luke.

“thirty years that changed the World”

How do we approach scripture: hermeneutic

  • one story
  • new frame
  • more questions than answer
  • entering into the story
  • seeing the story as your own
  • will not be thwarted
  • look for God
  • own the story

invited as travelers to come along the way with the story

We should and can wrestle with scripture…. It means we’re involved, we enter into some definition of relationship.


  • 1-5 catalyst
  • 6-11 fulcrum
  • amplification
  • passion
  • Verses 1:1-3

    JESUS IS ANNOUNCED, referenced, harkened to… In all that Jesus began.

    the heaven on earth show

    What were not going to do with Acts: look to replicate it exactly…. Were given a mission not a model.

    Story of trust
    Story of on mission
    Story of HPFTWBTG

    So we begin….like in Genesis, “do it again Daddy, do it again”


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