• A perspective on what we’re preparing our students for: not the real world, but one that works within the confines of education, not where our students will spend the most of the adult lives.

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    • A business must be adaptive, flexible and innovative to keep itself afloat in today’s aggressive marketplace. A school must be rigorous, solid and dependable. There is an inherent contradiction here
    • For a school to thrive it needs good exam results. For its students to survive, a school needs to teach them skills and prepare them for reality. At present this is an unhappy juxtaposition.
    • The world progresses. And, so too do schools (eventually).
    • This may mean changing the way we teach. It may mean changing the way a school functions. It may mean completely redesigning the concept of school.
    • There’s a very simple model from the 1980’s (Schulman 1986) which outlines what makes a good teacher that I think few would argue with. It goes like this:


      cpk teaching model


      Now, this model has been redesigned (Mishra & Koehler) to incorporate our current tech-centered needs and now looks like this:


      tpack teaching model


      The point is simple. Teachers need to be able to understand how to embed technology into what they do. But you can’t do this unless you’re already a good teacher. The technological side of it only comes into to play if you already knew how to balance pedagogical knowledge with content (subject) knowledge. Only then can you understand how best to integrate an iPad into a classroom.

    • the people that sign off these projects, or design ‘education apps’ didn’t have Pedagogical Content Knowledge in the first place – they just guessed at what we needed and threw something our way expecting us to figure it out.

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